Most used icons on the Nest Thermostat

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You can find icons on several screens on your Nest thermostat. Here are a list of some icons you might see and some places you might find them.

Here are some of the places on your Nest thermostat you might see an icon:

The Quick View menu gives you easy access to important information about your home. Press your thermostat’s ring on the temperature screen to open the Quick View menu. From the Quick View menu, rotate your thermostat’s ring to select a menu icon. You’ll see a preview of the status or settings for that icon in the center of your thermostat’s screen.

Icons on the Quick view menu:

Highlight the checkmark and you’ll see the current time and day of the week as well as the temperature and humidity in your home. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi you’ll also see outdoor weather information.


Press the thermostat ring while this icon is selected to return to the temperature screen:





The color of this icon will change depending on which mode your thermostat is in. You can also tell what mode your thermostat is in by highlighting the icon.

Select this icon to choose from different thermostat modes, Heat, Cool, Heat•Cool, Eco or Off

This icon will appear only if your system has a fan that can be controlled separately from heating and cooling. You can use this menu to or turn your fan on or off right away, or set a daily schedule:





Turning to this icon gives a quick summary of yesterday’s energy use if it’s available. Press the thermostat ring to see more details about your Energy History for the last 10 days:






Turning the ring to select Schedule shows the next upcoming temperature in your schedule. Press the thermostat ring to view and change your weekly schedule:





The settings option shows you the current date and time on the Quick View screen. Press the ring to access thermostat settings such as Safety temperature, Nest Sense, and more:





If the thermostat is offline, you’ll see an exclamation point inside the Settings icon. You can still control your heating with the thermostat, but you won’t be able to control the temperature with the Nest app:






You’ll see this icon when your thermostat is set to an energy efficient temperature. Use the Nest Leaf as a guide to help you save energy: