Ambient EQ: Dynamically Adjusting your Google Home Hub Display

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Google Home Hub is our first device with Ambient EQ, a new visual experience that dynamically adjusts the color temperature and brightness of your display to create a non-intrusive smart display experience. Using the sensor on the top of the device, Ambient EQ adapts the display brightness and color temperature to match the surrounding environment, so that your display resembles a physical photo.

Enabling / Disabling Ambient EQ

Ambient EQ is automatically enabled when you set up your Google Home Hub. You can choose to have Ambient EQ adjust the screen color to match your environment Always, during Ambient Mode only, or Never as shown below. If you’d like to offset the brightness, you can do so in the Display settings on your Home app.  To disable Ambient EQ, utilize the Quick Settings tray on the device by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the display and tapping the sun icon.

Low-Light Mode

Whenever the room is dark, Low-Light Mode will be enabled. It will be enabled regardless of if Ambient EQ is on or off. When in Low-Light mode, the display will either show the time or turn the screen off completely.  You can adjust the settings for when to activate Low-Light Mode and select what you’d like the screen to show during Low-Light Mode by navigating to the Display settings on your Home app.

Color Matching

Having Google Home Hub’s screen color match your environment is always a good thing, but you may have different preferences or desires based on your location and the time of day. When Google Home Hub is in Ambient mode, try adjusting the color matching option to see what best suits your setting.

Video playback

When playing video the minimum brightness will be 25%, even if Ambient EQ is set lower. If you want to watch a video without Ambient EQ, you can easily turn it off by using the Quick Settings tray.