Android lock screen control

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“What is lock screen control?” 

Control Sonos playback and volume when your Android device is locked right from your device’s lock screen.

“Which devices support lock screen control?”

Lock screen control is available on any Android device that’s running Android version 4.0 and higher.

“How do I enable lock screen control?”

– From the More tab, tap Settings > Advanced Settings and enable Show Notifications and Lock Screen Controls.

“How do I change the room that’s being controlled from the lock screen?”
The last room you have selected in the Sonos app will be displayed on the lock screen. To change the room, select another room in the Sonos app and begin playing audio. If no audio is being played to the room selected, the lock screen will not appear.

Using the hardware volume controls:
The hardware volume controls on your Android device will adjust the Sonos volume when the app is open or if the device is locked. To adjust the volume on the lock screen, “Show Lock Screen Controls” needs to be enabled.

Please note that by default the hardware volume controls may not adjust the Sonos volume when on the Android’s home screen. This feature needs to be enabled to allow Sonos volume control from the home screen.

To enable volume control with the hardware buttons on your Android’s home screen:

– From the More tab, tap Settings > Advanced Settings and enable Allow Volume Control on Home Screen.

Please note that Show Notifications and Show Lock Screen Controls must be turned on to enable the “Allow Volume Control on Home Screen” setting.

Additional important information:

– Lock screen control requires Android 4.0 and higher.

– The lock screen control, and sometimes the device’s hardware volume buttons, will not work on Amazon Kindle devices or devices running the TouchWiz interface developed by Samsung Electronics.