Apple music and Sonos

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What is Apple Music?
Apple Music brings you the world’s music with more than 30 million songs, handpicked recommendations based on the music you listen to and love, worldwide radio with Beats 1, and more.

Where is Apple Music available?
Apple Music is available in over 100 countries. For a complete list, see

How does a family membership for Apple Music work on Sonos?
You can easily access multiple accounts on Sonos, which means that all Apple Music family members can add their personal accounts to maintain their preferences as they listen in the home.

How do I join Apple Music?
You can join Apple Music, free for the first three months*, by taking a few simple steps.

From the menu, tap on Add Music Service, tap Apple Music, tap Add to Sonos, then Start 3-Month Free Trial. On Android, if you don’t have Apple Music installed, you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store to download it.

Or, on iOS, simply open Music and sign up for your free trial. On Android, download Apple Music from the Google Play store, then open the app and sign up for your free trial.

Which Apple Music features can I enjoy on Sonos?
You can enjoy all of Apple Music’s main features on Sonos, with access to the entire Apple Music catalog and your library, including:

– For You: Browse and play recommended music based on what you already listen to and love.

– New: Explore handcrafted playlists from music experts, find the perfect playlist for any activity, and listen to all the hits from our Top Charts.

– Radio: Hear Beats 1 worldwide—broadcasting from Los Angeles, New York, and London—and listen to handcrafted stations based on genres and themes.

– My Music: Listen to all the music you already own and love, and browse over 30 million songs in the Apple Music catalog.

– All the benefits of iTunes Match: Stream music you’ve purchased from iTunes and imported from other sources (like CDs) straight to your Sonos system.

Apple Music on Sonos supports explicit music badging. This is an icon next to the album or track name which allows you to identify tracks and albums with explicit content.

Plus, you can search the entire Apple Music catalog and your library. Access to Smart Playlists, music videos, and artist posts from Connect are only available within the Apple Music app and are not supported on Sonos.

How can I enable filtering of explicit content of Apple Music when listening on Sonos?
If you have Parental Controls enabled on Sonos, this will filter explicit content on Apple Music.

My Sonos audio is dropping out when I use Apple Music. What can I do?
You can find some troubleshooting steps to solve this problem in this article: Audio playback stops or skips

How do I add my Apple Music account to Sonos?

A few things you need to know before starting:

– To add Apple Music to Sonos, you must be using iOS 8.4.1 or later or an Android phone with Android 4.3 or later. Once you add Apple Music, you’ll be able to control it from a Sonos controller on any platform, including iOS, Android, Mac, or PC.

– Apple Music can’t be added to a Sonos system using Kindle devices, Android tablets, or the Sonos Controller App for Mac or Windows, but Apple Music on Sonos can be controlled from these devices once it’s set up with a supported device.

– An Apple Music membership is required. Sign up here or in the Sonos app and get the first three months free.

– Check for updates to your Sonos system from an iOS or Android device. From the Sonos music menu, tap Settings > Advanced Settings > Check for Updates. Once you’ve updated or confirmed you’re on the latest release, you’ll be ready to add Apple Music to Sonos.

Steps to add your Apple Music account to Sonos:

– From the More tab, tap Add Music Services.

– Select Apple Music from the list, and then touch Add to Sonos.

– Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your setup.

*Sign-up required. Membership automatically renews monthly after trial.