Configure Sonos with Samsung F Series Smart Remotes

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“I have a new Samsung F Series TV that is not being detected by the Sonos home theater speaker during setup . What do I do to get the remote to be recognized?”

Note: If you are not going to use the Samsung smart remote to control the volume of your Sonos home theater speaker, and just want to get rid of the message displayed on the TV when controlling the volume of the home theater speaker, then skip down to step 3.

The F Series TouchPad remote control does not output Infrared (IR) signals like typical remote controls. It uses radio frequencies (RF) to communicate directly to the TV only. The TV comes with an IR emitter that wires into the IR Out port on the back of the TV. This allows the TV to control other devices that require IR, such as the Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.

– Connect this emitter to the TV’s IR Out port on the back of the TV.

– Place the head end in front of the home theater speaker where the IR sensor is located

– On the Samsung remote go to the TV’s Main Menu
Program the remote for a Samsung Home Theater:
– Select System > Device Manager > Universal Remote Control Setup (F-series)
– Select System > Universal Remote Control Setup (H-series)
– The TV requires that the Samsung emitter is attached to the IR Out to continue
– Then select Start > Home Theater > Select Samsung as the brand
– Choose Optical for the connection type
– Run the function test and just say Yes it worked (nothing will have changed)
– Exit
Note:If you were already able to control the volume of the Sonos home theater speaker but are getting a message on the screen when controlling the volume, stop here. The message will no longer be displayed.

Learn the TV’s volume codes into the Sonos home theater speaker via the Sonos App:
– Go to Settings

– Select Room Settings > [Playbar, Playbase, or Beam shown by room name]

– Select TV Setup & Control (Click the TV Setup tab if using the computer Desktop Controller)

– Select Remote Control Setup > Replace Current Remote

Now follow the steps using your Samsung remote to learn the IR control into the Sonos home theater speaker. NOTE: This may require moving the Samsung IR emitter around a bit until it is in a good position so that the IR Sensor on the home theater speaker can see the Samsung emitter clearly enough.

Additional tips:

The Samsung emitter can overpower the Sonos home theater speaker’s IR sensor and may need to be moved a couple inches away from the home theater speaker’s sensor.

If controlling multiple devices (Cable/Sat box, DVD/BluRay player, etc.) with the Samsung Touchpad remote, then the Samsung emitter must be able to see the front of the home theater speaker and the front of your other devices. Third party dual IR emitters can be used for multiple devices. Contact a professional Home Electronics Installer for help with these types of advanced setups.

If you are not going to use the Samsung Touchpad remote, though the TV requires you to attach the Samsung IR emitter to the TV during programming, you can disconnect it or leave it behind the TV after setup and use your other IR remotes to control the volume of the home theater speaker.