Controlling Sonos with the Spotify app

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You can now use the same Spotify app that you stream music with when you’re out and about to control the Sonos speakers in your home. You’ll still use your Sonos app to add new speakers and perform various other functions, but if you really love how the Spotify app works, you can now use it to send your favorite music directly to Sonos.

While you’re listening to music in the Spotify app, select “DEVICES AVAILABLE” to connect to a Sonos room or room group.

For the Sonos devices to show up in the Spotify app under “DEVICES AVAILABLE,” you will first need to link your Sonos products to your Sonos Account by opening the Sonos app and tapping on the More tab > Settings > My Sonos Account and following the on-screen prompts.

“How do I control Sonos from the Spotify app?”
From the Spotify app’s Now Playing screen, tap on “DEVICES AVAILABLE” and select a Sonos speaker or group to play to. Then, simply use Spotify as you normally would.


A Spotify Premium account is required to play to Sonos from the Spotify app.

“I don’t see my Sonos speakers listed in the Spotify app.”
Your Sonos system and products will need to be linked to your Sonos Account. Once complete, the Sonos speakers will show up under “DEVICES AVAILABLE” in the Spotify app.

To link your Sonos products to your Sonos Account:

Using the Sonos app for iOS or Android:From the More tab, tap Settings > My Sonos Account and follow the on-screen prompts.
Using the Sonos app on Mac or PC: Select Help > My Sonos Account and follow the on-screen prompts.

“How do I group rooms from the Spotify app?”
From the Spotify app, tap “DEVICES AVAILABLE” on the bottom of the Now Playing screen > More Info (…) > Group Rooms.


Tap “Yes” when prompted to open the Sonos app. From here, group the speakers together and tap “Done.”

It is not possible to group Sonos speakers from the Spotify desktop apps on Mac or PC. You will need to use the Sonos app to group speakers on those platforms.

“How do I adjust the volume?”
You can adjust the volume from the Spotify or Sonos app. You will not be able to adjust the volume using the physical volume keys on your mobile device unless you are in the Spotify or Sonos app.

If the Sonos speakers are grouped, the volume will be adjusted for the entire group. For fine-tuning the volume of your individual speakers, open up the Sonos app.

“Can I control Spotify playback from the lock screen of my device?”
When controlling Sonos from the Spotify app, iOS devices will not have lock screen control. To use lock screen controls on iOS devices, open up the Sonos app and select the room that’s currently playing music before the device is locked.

Android devices have limited lock screen control when using the Spotify app to play to Sonos. You will be able to skip forward/back, play/pause, but you will not be able to adjust the volume.

“I’m having an issue playing Spotify to Sonos. Who do I contact?”
If you receive an error when streaming to Sonos from the Spotify app, or run into any other issues, please contact us for further assistance.

Known issues:

– Album art displayed in the Sonos app may differ from the album art in the Spotify app, even though the same track is playing.

– Your Sonos speakers will not be available under Devices Available if you are playing a podcast in the Spotify app. Spotify podcasts are not available through Sonos at this time. To make your Sonos speakers available again, remove podcasts from your current Play Queue.

– Playlists you’ve imported from iTunes into Spotify will not be playable on Sonos. Import these playlists into your Sonos Music Library instead.