Eliminating annoying messages on your TV when using a remote

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The following article covers how to reprogram the volume buttons (volume Up/Down & mute) on your remote so they control your Sonos home theater speakers and not your TV. Other buttons on your remote (e.g., channel Up/Down, power on/off) will continue to control your TV. These steps will address the following two issues:

– If you’ve programmed your remote to control your Sonos home theater speaker, but see a pop up message or icon on your TV screen when you press the volume up or down buttons on your remote, these steps will eliminate the unwanted popups.

– If your TV does not allow you to disable the internal speakers, before proceeding with these steps, lower the volume on the TV to zero.

Please visit the following link and choose what remote you are using to control your TV. Follow instructions and let us know if you have any questions: https://support.sonos.com/s/article/2072?language=en_US