Help and tips for Amazon Alexa on Sonos

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This article is designed to help you get the best results when using Alexa on Sonos. Follow these simple guidelines, and if you find that you’re still having issues, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

General Guidelines

Find the ideal location for Alexa

Don’t place an Alexa device on the floor or too close to a Sonos speaker. Make sure it’s placed at least 8 inches away from walls or other objects that may cause interference, such as a microwave or baby monitor.

Make sure Alexa can hear you

Loud ambient noises, such as fans or a loud TV, can affect what Alexa hears. When talking to Alexa, speak clearly and in your natural voice.

Try the request again

If Alexa did not hear you clearly the first time, try the command again. You can also check the Alexa app to see what Alexa heard.

If the issue you’re experiencing is not listed here, or the recommended steps do not resolve your issue, please contact us.