How to cancel your Nest Aware subscription

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If you purchased your subscription directly from Nest and you’re the Owner of the Nest home, you can visit Nest’s website to cancel your subscription. If you purchased your subscription from one of our partners, contact the partner.

Nest Aware is available directly from Nest, and also through our partners. Canceling your subscription works differently, depending on how you originally purchased it.

If you purchased directly from Nest, this article tells you how to cancel your subscription.

If you purchased through one of our partners, contact the partner to cancel your subscription.

Only the Owner of a home can cancel Nest Aware

If you’ve shared access to your Nest home with other people, they’ll have as much control over the Nest products in your home as you do, but only the Owner of the Nest home can cancel a Nest Aware subscription. If you try to cancel a Nest Aware subscription and aren’t the Owner, you’ll see a message saying that it couldn’t be cancelled.

What happens when you cancel your subscription:

Cancellation happens immediately, and can’t be reversed.

Your camera’s video history will be erased including markers and snapshots on the Sightline in the Nest app. However, clips and timelapses you created will be saved to your account in the Nest app, and can still be accessed on a computer.

The Nest app will no longer display options for advanced notifications from your camera. Any Activity Zones you’ve set up for the camera will be deleted, and all other settings and preferences related to your subscription will be deleted as well.

You will be issued a prorated refund (or account credit, if you have other Nest Aware subscriptions) based on how much time has passed since your last billing cycle.

Learn about prorated refunds when you cancel your subscription:

When you cancel a subscription that was purchased directly from Nest, you’ll be issued either a prorated refund or a prorated credit:

If you’ve cancelled all of the subscriptions for the cameras in one of your Nest homes, you’ll get a prorated refund.

If you will still have one or more active Nest Aware subscriptions in that Nest home, you’ll get a prorated credit applied to your next bill.

Note: Only the Owner of the Nest home can cancel a Nest Aware subscription. Cancellation is immediate and can’t be undone. All video history, settings, and preferences related to the subscription will be erased. However, clips and timelapses that were created will be saved in your account in the Nest app until they’re manually deleted.

If you purchased your subscription through one of our partners, their policies for cancelling your subscription may be different. Contact the partner to learn more.

How to cancel your Nest Aware subscription:

You can cancel both pending and active Nest Aware subscriptions with the steps below.

Important: You’ll only be able to cancel a Nest Aware subscription if you’re the Owner of the Nest home.

– Go to and click the Account  icon in the top right.

– Select Store Account. If you’re not signed in yet, you’ll need to enter your account email address and password you use to sign in to the Nest app.

– Select Subscriptions.

– Find the subscription you’d like to cancel and click Manage > Cancel subscription.

– Confirm that your video history will be deleted.

Note: If you bought a Nest Cam and a Nest Aware subscription at the same time, you’ll need to add your camera to the Nest app first. Then you can follow the steps above to cancel your subscription.