How to change Nest Tag settings

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This article walks you through changing your Tag’s settings, including adding a custom label, setting a schedule, transferring a Nest Tag to someone else, and even revoking its access if you need to.

Nest Tag is a key fob that lets you quickly arm and disarm without a passcode by simply holding it on Nest Guard. Before you can change the settings for your Nest Tag, it needs to be added to your account in the Nest app.

How to open Nest Tag’s settings in the Nest app

– On the Nest app home screen, select Security  .

– Tap Settings .

– Select the Nest Tag that you want to change settings for.

See the sections below for details about each option on the Nest Tag Settings screen.

Nest Tag access

If someone temporarily misplaces a Tag, you can tap the switch to disable the Tag so it can’t be used to arm or disarm Nest Secure. If the Tag finds its way back to its owner, you can re-enable access by tapping the switch again.

In addition, if you have more than one home with Nest Secure, you can choose which home(s) this Tag can access. Tap each home to add or revoke access for the Nest Tag.

Important: If a Tag is permanently lost, you should remove it from your Nest Account instead of temporarily disabling it.


The Nest app will display the name of the person assigned to each Tag. You can add a custom label if you want. For instance, if someone has two Tags assigned to them, you might want to label one “main” and one “spare” to tell them apart. For more information, see the following article: How to add or change Nest Tag’s custom label

Technical Info

Here you can find details about your Tag, including its model number, serial number and device ID.

Transfer Nest Tag

There are a few things to keep in mind when transferring a Tag from one person to another. See the following article for details: How to set up Nest Tag for yourself or another person

Remove Nest Tag

If your Tag is lost or destroyed, you can permanently remove it from your account in the Nest app. More information about this option is available in the following article: How to remove Nest Tag from your account

How to set a schedule for Nest Tag

You can set a schedule that only allows someone to arm and disarm your system at certain times. However, you won’t find this option on the Tag Settings screen. These permissions are set for individual users, and the setting applies to any Tags and passcodes they may have. To learn how to set a schedule for an individual, see the following article: