How to disable your TV speakers

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During the setup process you are prompted to turn off your TV speakers so the sound comes only through the home theater speaker. While Sonos cannot provide instructions for every television model, please try the steps below.

If you cannot find the correct setting to turn off your TV speakers, please consult the owner’s guide that was packaged with your television.

– Select the Menu or Setup button on your television’s remote control (not your cable remote control).  An on-screen menu will appear.

– Select the menu option that controls your television’s audio functions.

Note:  This menu selection is most often labeled Audio, Sound, Tools, or Options or may display as a musical icon

Select the appropriate setting to turn off your TV speakers. Depending on your TV make and model, choices may include:

– Off / On

– External Speaker / Television Speaker

– Audio System / Television Speaker

If none of these are applicable to your television, look for a setting that switches your TV output between variable and fixed and try switching the setting.



Can’t turn off TV speakers

Some brands, including Toshiba and Dynex, may not include this setting. If you are unable to turn off the TV speakers, follow the steps below:

– Using the volume control buttons on your television, turn the TV volume all the way down. Do not use the Mute button.

– From this point forward use only the volume buttons on your Sonos controller to adjust the Playbar, Playbase, or Beam’s volume.