How to give Nest Tag access to another home

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It’s easy to give a person’s Nest Tag access to another home. The other home can be in the same account or it can be in another account in the Nest app. The steps are different for each.

Add access to another home in your account:

Follow these steps if you want to give someone access to all or some homes in your account. For instance, you may want them to arm or disarm Nest Secure at your vacation home in addition to your main residence.

– Tap Settings  on the Nest app home screen.

– Select Family and Guests.

– Then tap the person that the Tag is assigned to.

– Make sure the Tag is enabled. If it’s not, tap the switch under Nest Tag access.

– Tap Transfer Nest Tag.

– You should see all of your homes with Nest Secure installed. Tap another home to add a checkmark.

Now you can use Tag to arm and disarm all of your homes.

Tip: If you ever decide to disable the Tag’s access to one of your homes, follow the steps above and tap a home to remove its checkmark. If you ever misplace or lose your Tag, be sure to disable or remove it in the Nest app.

Add access to a home in someone else’s account:

Follow these steps if you want to give someone access to your home when they already have a Tag that they’re using to access someone else’s Nest home. They’ll be able to use the same Tag for both homes and won’t have to carry two around with them. To use one Tag for both homes, they’ll have to be given Full Access.

– If you haven’t already, invite the person to share access to your home. Once they accept your invitation, they’ll appear on your Family and Guests list in the Nest app. They can then enable Tag access to your home in their Tag settings.

– They can tap Settings  on the app home screen, then select their Tag.

– In the Tag settings menu, tap the name of the home so a checkmark appears next to it.