How to listen to Podcasts on Sonos

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Have a favorite podcast you want to listen to on Sonos? Browse and play podcasts on-demand using Radio by TuneIn. You can also download podcasts to your computer or mobile device, or use another available streaming service on Sonos to stream your favorites.

Streaming podcasts from the Internet:

Radio by TuneIn comes preconfigured on your Sonos system with a large catalog of podcasts to choose from. Use the search bar, making sure to search under “Podcasts & Shows” to find your favorite podcasts and shows, or browse what’s available by selecting Radio by TuneIn > Talk.

Depending on your geographical location, there are other music services you can add to Sonos that allow you to stream podcasts as well. Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and Spreaker are all services that are available globally that have a vast podcast catalog.

Streaming podcasts from your computer:

Sonos can play podcasts that have been downloaded to your computer and saved on the hard drive. Just make sure to share the folder where the podcasts reside with Sonos. Each time you download a new podcast, you must re-index your music share for the Sonos system to see it.

Podcast will show up under Music Library > Artist in the Sonos app if the metadata is supplied (not all podcasts do this). They may also be listed under the Music Library > Genre > Podcasts.

Streaming podcasts from your phone or tablet:

For podcasts to show up in the Sonos app under “On this Mobile Device,” they must reside in the “Podcasts” folder on your Android controller. The podcasts folder should be in the root directory of your Android device. If you have podcasts located in your Music folder, the podcasts will be listed under Music – not Podcasts.

iPhone / iPad:
Use the preinstalled “Podcasts” app to download your favorite podcasts to your iOS device and watch them appear instantly under Browse > On this iPhone / iPad. Podcasts downloaded with any other 3rd party app will not appear under “On this iPhone / iPad.”