How to save energy with your Nest thermostat when you’re away on vacation

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Home/Away Assist will automatically switch your Nest thermostat to Eco Temperatures when you’ve left home, and will help save energy as you come and go. But if you plan to be gone for a longer period of time, setting your Nest thermostat to Off will save even more energy and help prevent damage to your home if the weather gets extremely hot or cold.

You don’t need to constantly adjust your thermostat to save energy while you’re away.

Home/Away Assist will switch your Nest thermostat to the Eco Temperatures you’ve set while you’re at work, running errands, going to appointments, and on short trips. If you’ve set your cooling Eco Temperature high enough and your heating Eco Temperature low enough, your cooling or heating will run less than usual. Look for the Nest Leaf when setting your Eco Temperatures to help you decide which temperatures to choose.

But if you’ll be away on a longer trip or vacation, you should manually set your Nest thermostat to Off. Doing this won’t turn your thermostat off, but it will make sure your system won’t heat or cool your home unless your Safety Temperatures have been reached.

For instance, if a neighbor comes by to deliver your mail or walk your dog, your thermostat won’t turn on your system even though it senses activity in your home. When set to Off, your Nest thermostat won’t turn on your system when it senses activity in your home. But if it gets extremely hot or cold in your home, the thermostat will turn on your system to help prevent damage, such as frozen water pipes that burst.

Safety Temperatures are set during Nest thermostat installation, but you can check to see what they are and make changes if you want any time.