How to set up a Nest tag for yourself or another person

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To use Tag to arm and disarm Nest Secure, you first need to add it to your account in the Nest app. Then you can assign it to yourself or another person who has shared access to your Nest home.

You can always arm or disarm Nest Secure with your phone or by entering your passcode on Nest Guard, but with Nest Tag you simply hold it on Guard. There’s no passcode needed.

Before you can use a Tag you’ll have to set it up with the Nest app and assign it to yourself or someone else who shares access to your Nest home. Tags are handy for anyone who you want to access your home but may not have an account in the Nest app. For instance, you can give them to your kids or to a guest so that they don’t need to remember a passcode while they’re staying with you.

How to set up Tag with the Nest app:
– Tap Settings  in the top right corner of the app home screen.
– Select Add product
– Scan the Nest Tag’s QR code. 

Use your phone or tablet’s camera to scan the QR code on the back of your Tag. Just point your phone or tablet’s camera at the QR code. Fit the QR code into the blue box to complete the scan.

Note: You won’t need to switch to your phone or tablet’s camera app – simply scan the QR code from the Nest app.

– You’ll have two options on this screen:

Tap Add home entry only to assign the Tag to someone who only needs to arm and disarm Nest Secure. This option is for people who you don’t want to give control of your Nest products, like your dog walker or children.- Tap a person who already has Full Access to your home to assign a Tag to them. They’ll get a notification on their phone letting them know their Tag is ready to use.

Note: If you don’t see someone who you’ve already invited, they probably haven’t accepted the invitation.

How to transfer a Tag to a different person:

If you only need to loan someone your Tag for a short time, you can just give them a Tag to use without transferring ownership with the Nest app. But if you do this, the app won’t accurately tell you who’s entering or leaving your home in Security History.

So if they’re going to be using a Tag more than once or twice, it’s best to re-assign it to them with the app. It’s easy to do, but there are a few rules that apply to giving Nest Tags to other people:

– You can only transfer a Tag that is already assigned to you or a person who has Home Entry Only access.

– People with Home Entry Only access can’t enable, disable or transfer Tags to other people.

– You can assign and reassign a Nest Tag to different people as many times as you want.

– Tap the Security icon on the Nest app home screen.

– Tap Settings  .

– Select a Nest Tag that you want to transfer.

– Select Transfer Nest Tag.

Note: This option will only appear if you selected a Nest Tag assigned to you or someone with Home Entry Only Access.

Then choose the person you want to give the Tag to. When the transfer is finished, the app will automatically go back to the Settings screen.

The tag will be ready for the new owner to use immediately.