How to set up a Works with Nest connection

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When you’ve found a Works with Nest connection that you’d like to use, it’s easy to set it up. Here’s how.

Each Works with Nest (WWN) setup experience will be unique, but the basic steps are the same:

– Find a WWN connection that you want to use.

– Create an account on the WWN developer’s website or with their mobile app.

– Authorize the connection in the Nest app.

What you need to use a Works with Nest connection:

Note: If you’re sharing access to your Nest home with Family Accounts, remember that both the Owner of the Nest home and anybody with shared access can set up a WWN connection. After the WWN connection is set up, everybody in the Nest home can also use, manage, or remove the WWN connection.

That’s it. You can see all the details of each step below.

Setting up a WWN connection step-by-step:
1. Find a WWN connection you want to use

You can browse WWN connections in our curated Works with Nest catalog or search the web for WWN developers to find out more about their connections.

2. Choose a WWN connection

Select Connect to be taken to their website or manually enter their URL into your web browser.

3. Create an account or sign in

You’ll be asked to sign into your account, or create one if you don’t have an account already.

You’ll then confirm that you want to enable their WWN connection.

4. Authorize the WWN connection

Next, you’ll be taken back to your account in the Nest app to enable the connection.

We believe in transparency and giving you control over what data is shared, so we require the developer to explain exactly what data the connection would like to use before granting access.

The requested data will vary depending on the connection, but is limited to basic information about your home and devices. For example, data requests may include your Nest thermostat’s Away status, the type of heating system you have, or smoke levels in your home. Personally identifiable information, like your email address, is never shared.

Learn about the categories of Nest data that can be shared with developers:

Once you’ve read the request, you’ll be asked to grant permission for the connection to access the data. Click or tap on Accept.

If you accept, the Works with Nest connection will be automatically enabled. If you don’t want to grant permission, just click or tap back in your browser. If you don’t grant permission, you won’t be able to use the connection features.

Your data is kept secure:

Throughout the entire setup process we use secure tokens to communicate. These tokens are secured with OAuth 2.0, a standard that’s widely used by many leading technology companies. And there’s no personal information (such as your email address or password) exchanged.

You’re in control of access to your data:

Each WWN connection will have different reasons for requesting permission to access your data. When you’re setting up a connection, you should carefully review the requests before you grant permission. You should also read the developer’s privacy policy carefully to understand how they use your data. We require the connection developer to provide their own description for each data request and the reasons why the connection needs them to work.

Note: Nest does not control the developer’s use of any data you choose to share with them under a Works with Nest connection.

Data exchanged will depend on what the connection needs to work, but it’s limited to basic data about your home and devices, such as the Home/Away Assist status of your Nest thermostat. If you decide not to grant permission, the connection won’t work, but all your Nest products will continue to work just as before.

You can always change your mind:

If you ever change your mind after you grant access to your data, you can also remove a WWN connection with the Nest app.