How to talk and listen to people with your Nest Camera

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Your camera has a microphone that can pick up nearby sounds, and it also has a speaker that lets you talk to anyone near the camera. In the Nest app, simply go to your camera’s live stream and use the Talk button to start speaking.

With Talk and Listen you can communicate with people even when you’re away. For instance let’s say you have a camera installed on your front porch. It sends a motion alert and you open the Nest app to see who’s there. You see it’s the delivery person with a package so you use Talk and Listen to instruct them to leave the package on the porch.

Using Talk and Listen:

First make sure you have the latest version of the Nest app on your phone.

Nest Cam IQ’s and Nest Hello’s noise suppression and echo cancellation help you clearly hear what’s going on. And throughout the conversation you’ll be able to see whatever the camera sees.

Your camera’s light ring will pulse blue while you’re talking and it turns off when you’re done.

How to use Talk and Listen

Talk and Listen is like a video call: you can speak to the person in front of the camera and they can reply immediately without needing to pause for the audio to switch over.

Here’s how to talk to someone in front of your camera:

– Open the Nest app.

– Choose the camera you want to speak through.

– Tap the Talk  button.

– The camera will chime on the other end if you have the Talk and Listen tone enabled letting the person in front of the camera know you’re about to say something. Now you can start conversing.

– When you’re done with your conversation tap the Talk  button to hang up. The camera will chime a second time on the other end if you have the Talk and Listen tone enabled letting, the other person know the conversation has concluded.

Tip: You just learned how to use Talk and Listen to speak with people in front of your camera. But did you know there are two other features available for certain Nest camera models?

– Google Assistant for Nest Cam IQ Indoor: Whenever you’re close to your camera, you can give voice commands to the Google Assistant. For more information, visit our article about enabling and using the Google Assistant.

– Quick Responses for Nest Hello: If someone rings your doorbell and you’d like to respond at the touch of a button, you can have your camera speak a pre-recorded message. For more information, visit our article about using Quick Responses.

Note: If you’re using certain Android devices or an older version of Android OS Talk and Listen will work a little differently. You and the person in front of the camera will need to take turns talking and listening. See the section below about Nest Cam Indoor or Nest Cam Outdoor if you have one of the following devices: LG Nexus 4 G2 G3 or P1; Motorola Moto G; Samsung Galaxy S6; and some Xiaomi phones.

Troubleshooting Talk and Listen:

If you’re having trouble using the Nest app to talk to someone through the camera, or if the other person can’t hear you speaking, the following information can help you determine what’s causing the issue and how to fix it.

– If you have a Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor or if you’re using an iPhone to speak through a Nest Cam IQ: be sure you release the Talk button (or click Done on a Mac or Windows computer) when you’re ready to hear the other person’s reply. You won’t hear any sound from your camera until you do.

– If you’re using a headset or speaker (either Bluetooth or wired) check if the sound is coming through that device instead of the built-in speaker of your phone tablet or computer. Turn up the volume if you need to.

– Make sure your camera’s microphone is turned on. You can also adjust microphone sensitivity on some Nest cameras.. For step by step instructions see the following article.

Speaker volume is not adjustable

– Although the camera’s speaker volume is not adjustable it is designed to be easily heard by someone near the camera. If you’ll be using Talk and Listen a lot make sure to install your camera in a place where your voice can be heard.

– Even when you’re near your camera expect a very small delay in the audio when using Talk and Listen. That’s because your voice and the video from your camera are both going through the internet.

– If the delay is significant or if the person in front of the camera can’t hear you at all here are some helpful suggestions to try:

– If you’re using a headset or speaker for phone calls (either Bluetooth or wired) you might need to talk into that device instead of talking directly into your phone tablet or computer.

– iPhone users make sure the Ring/Silent Switch is not switched to Silent.

– The phone or tablet you’re using may have a poor internet connection. A slightly stronger connection can make a big difference. If you’re using Talk and Listen on a cellular connection try moving to an area with better coverage. Or switch on Wi-Fi and connect to a network. If the Wi-Fi signal is also weak try walking over to an area where the signal is stronger.

– The Wi-Fi signal may be weak in the spot where your camera is mounted. So you may also see an alert about a weak Wi-Fi connection when you view your camera’s video stream. Try moving your camera closer to your Wi-Fi router.