How to use pre-recorded Quick Responses with your Nest Hello video doorbell

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If a visitor rings your doorbell, you can use the Nest app to respond with quick responses so that your visitor knows what to do if you’re not home or just making your way to the door.

Quick Responses are pre-recorded messages that Nest Hello can speak to a visitor if you’re not able to come to the door. A Quick Response is useful when you would like to respond to a visitor, but you can’t talk to them in-person, like when you’re on a call or out running errands.

When someone rings the doorbell, you’ll get a notification from the Nest app that someone’s at the door.

In the notification, tap Responses  to display Hello’s three Quick Responses:

“You can leave it”
“We’ll be right there”
“No one can come to the door”

Tap the response that you want to use and it will play for the person at the door.

– If none of the options work for you, tap Cancel and then tap Talk  to use HD Talk & Listen to have a live conversation instead.

– If you don’t want to respond at all, you can tap Ignore . Currently, you are unable to customize or record your own Quick Responses.

Note: Quick Responses will only show up in your notifications as an option when someone rings the doorbell. You cannot customize these settings.

How to change the spoken language of Quick Responses:

You can always change the spoken language of your Quick Responses even if the Nest app is in a different language from the one you want to hear. For instance, the Nest app will display the Quick Responses in English, but when you select a response, it will be spoken in the language you’ve selected.

To change the spoken language:

– Select your Nest Hello on the app home screen.

– Tap Settings .

– Scroll down and tap Spoken language.

– Select the language that you want your doorbell to speak.

– Tap Back  to save your settings.