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Farsight displays additional useful information on your 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat like the time, the current room temperature, the weather or your thermostat’s target temperature. The large format makes it easy to read even from the other side of the room.

Farsight adds a little extra thoughtfulness to your daily routine. Let’s say you’ve just come home from running some errands. When you open the door your thermostat at the end of the hallway notices you and shows you the time. Since you see that you got home a bit early, you have some time to relax. Just walk up to your thermostat and turn the ring to change the temperature if you’re too cool or too warm. It’s simple.

Note: Farsight is an exclusive feature of the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. It is not available on other models such as Nest Thermostat E.

When you’ll see Farsight

With Farsight enabled, your Nest Thermostat will wake up as soon as it senses your presence, up to 20 feet away. Farsight takes advantage of the 3rd gen Nest Thermostat’s high-resolution screen so it’s easy to read from afar. Now you can just glance across the room to check the time or the target temperature.

What Farsight can show you

You can choose what Farsight shows you, or turn it off in your Nest Thermostat’s settings:

  • The thermostat’s target temperature
  • The current room temperature
  • An analog clock
  • A digital clock
  • The weather and forecast

No matter which of these you choose, your thermostat will always go to sleep to conserve power and show you important messages such as smoke and carbon monoxide alerts from your Nest Protect, Furnace Heads-Up, or any other error or alert that requires your attention.

For detailed steps on changing what Farsight shows you, check out the following article:

How to change what Farsight shows you >

What happens when you get closer to your thermostat

When the Farsight screen is displayed, your thermostat will also notice when you get within about 3 feet and automatically switch the screen depending on your settings. Below are examples of what you’ll see. If you want to exit Farsight and use your thermostat, simply press or turn the thermostat ring.

When you won’t see Farsight

Your Nest Thermostat charges its internal battery from your heating and cooling system wires. It closely monitors its battery charge level, and if it gets too low, your thermostat will take energy saving measures to preserve the charge. This helps ensure you have full control of your heating and cooling systems, and access to critical thermostat features. If your Nest Thermostat is in a location where there’s a lot of activity, Farsight may turn on often enough to slightly drain the battery. If the charge gets low enough, Farsight will automatically turn off until the battery recharges. You’ll still be able to use your thermostat as usual, but the display will only turn on when you’re within about 3 feet. After your thermostat has had a chance to recharge its battery enough, Farsight will work again.

Thermostats that have Farsight

Farsight is available on 3rd gen Nest Thermostats running software 5.0 or later. The 3rd generation Nest thermostat has the advanced sensors needed to sense your presence from further away, and it takes advantage of the larger high-res screen so it’s easy to read.