Learn about Nest Hello’s lights and sounds and how to change settings

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Nest cameras and video doorbells use their built-in lights and speakers to tell you what’s happening and if anything needs your attention. If a light on your camera isn’t lit, make sure you didn’t turn it off with the Nest app.

Your camera’s light gives you information about its status and provides feedback during each step of the setup process. After setup, it lets you know whether your camera’s working normally or if there’s a problem. The camera also has a chime that lets you know when someone’s using Talk and Listen.

What the status lights mean

The sections below show you what you can expect to see from your Nest camera and Nest Hello and what each light means.

Nest Hello video doorbell:

Your doorbell has two different lights that can help you indicate what state it’s in:

– A small status light above the camera

– A large light ring surrounding the doorbell button

Lights indicating power and connectivity


What it means

Status light is solid green

Everything is working normally

Your Nest Hello is turned on, connected to a Wi-Fi network, and streaming video.

No status light and no light ring

There are two potential reasons that your doorbell’s lights are off:

The camera is turned off

When your camera’s not streaming video, its status light will be off. The camera can be turned off manually, or on a schedule, or through Home/Away Assist.

It isn’t receiving power

The doorbell wires aren’t properly connected or the wires aren’t receiving power.

No status light

The status light was switched off

The camera may be streaming successfully, but someone has turned off the status light with the Nest app.

Note: As long as Nest Hello is receiving power, the light ring should be on all the time. It will dim when there’s nobody near it, so if it’s bright outside, it might appear to be off.

Light ring blinks yellow

Insufficient power

Your doorbell is connected to power, but doesn’t have enough electric current to operate normally. Check your voltage.

Lights during setup and connecting to the Nest app


What it means

Light ring pulses blue

Ready to be connected to the Nest app

Your doorbell is ready and waiting for your input in the app.

Light ring spins blue

Currently connecting to the Nest app

Nest is processing information and establishing a connection between the app and your doorbell.

Light ring pulses green once

Successfully connected to the Nest app

Your doorbell has successfully connected to the Nest app and is now ready to use.

Light ring blinks yellow 5 times

Trouble connecting

When you’re setting up Nest Hello for the first time, you may see this light if your video doorbell has trouble connecting to the Nest service or completing setup. Check the Nest app to see if there’s an error message or something else you need to address.

Lights during day to day use


What it means

Light ring pulses white

Person at your door

Your doorbell has detected a person at your door.

Light ring spins blue

Doorbell button pressed and waiting for owner response

Someone has pressed the doorbell button and it’s waiting for the owner or someone with Full Access to respond.

Light ring pulses blue

Talk and Listen

Someone is using the Nest app to speak through the camera.

Red lights above doorbell button

Night Vision is on

You may notice these lights are only on at night. It just means Night Vision is on. These LEDs help your camera see so that you have a better view of what’s happening. You can always turn off Night Vision in your camera’s settings.