Learn about security history in the Nest App

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Security History gives you a summary of the most important security events that your Nest Secure alarm system detected throughout the day, such as someone arming Nest Guard or the alarm sounding. If you have a Nest × Yale Lock installed, you’ll also see events when your Nest Secure alarm system is disarmed when someone unlocks the door.

Unlike other security systems that only give you a basic event log, the Nest app’s Security History makes it easy to scan through the day to see what happened.

There are two different views: a quick multi-day summary with the number of events that occurred and a detailed view showing everything your system spotted on a particular day. On most days, a quick glance at the summary will keep you informed about key activities. But if something happens, like a security alarm, the detailed view makes it easy to spot exactly when the event occurred as well as the activity leading up to it, such as a window that opened before the alarm sounded. Both views capture 10 days of history.


How to view Security History:

– On the Nest app home screen, select Guard.

– Select History .

You’ll see a 10-day overview with the number of events and timelines for each day. To keep it simple, this view won’t show everything your system detected and responded to. You’ll only see important events.

– To see everything that happened on a particular day, tap the day.

The view will expand to show a chronological list of each activity spotted by Guard, Detect, and your Nest × Yale Lock if you have one installed.

How to update the events in Security History

Each time you open Security History, it gets updated with the latest available information. To refresh the view, simply tap the back arrow , then select History  to open it again with the most recent info.

Who can see Security History:

The Owner of the Nest home, as well as anyone who has Full access, can see Security History. People who have Home Entry Only access will not be able to see it.

What the icons mean:

Event icons appear in your Security History, making it easy for you to visually scan through a particular day.

OK. No news is good news. This icon appears during periods of inactivity to show that your security system is working, even if it didn’t sense any security events.
Heads-up. Guard detected activity that would have set off the alarm, but someone disarmed the system before that happened. It will also appear before the Security Alarm icon if the alarm was triggered.


Security Alarm. An alarm has been triggered. During an alarm, Guard’s siren sounds, its light ring turns red, and it sends an alert to your phone.


Panic Alarm. You, a family member, or guest triggered Nest Secure’s Panic Alarm. A panic alarm sounds for 10 minutes or until you silence it by disarming your system.


Set to Off. You, a family member, or a guest set Nest Secure to Off, which disarmed it.


Set to Home and Guarding. Nest Secure was armed and was monitoring doors and windows.


Set to Away and Guarding. Nest Secure was armed and was monitoring doors, windows, and motion in the home.


Unrecognized Nest Tag Someone tried to use a Tag to disarm your system outside of their scheduled access time.
Quiet Open.Someone in your home temporarily disarmed a Nest Detect to open a door or window while the rest of the system stayed armed.


Door/Window open (while set to Off). Someone opened a door or window while the system was set to Off. Even though this type of activity won’t trigger an alarm, Security History will let you know when it happened.


Note: If your system is set to Home and Guarding or Away and Guarding, the Heads-up or alarm icon appears for a door or window opening instead.

Door/Window closed. A door or window closed.
Offline. Guard was offline. This can happen when your home Wi-Fi or internet connection goes down.

A cellular backup subscription can help keep your Guard online, even if your home Wi-Fi goes down.


Other icons you might see:

If you have a Nest × Yale Lock, Security History can also let you know when your Nest Secure system is disarmed by someone unlocking the door. To see your Nest × Yale Lock’s event history icons, see the article below.

The following events happen less frequently, but Security History makes a note of them to help keep you informed.

Software update. Nest has updated the software on your Guard or Detect.


Added Detect to your account. Someone added a Detect to your account in the Nest app.
Removed Detect from your account. Someone removed a Detect from your account in the Nest app.