Missing music services

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The Sonos app displays a list of music services that are available in the country that your system is registered to. If you are trying to add a music service to your Sonos system but do not see it listed in the “Add Music Services” list, make sure your system is registered to the correct country by following the steps below.

Make sure your system is registered

Your Sonos system must be registered to have access to music services and software updates. Follow the steps below to ensure your system is registered.

– From the More tab, tap Settings > My Sonos Account.

– On Mac or PC: Help > My Sonos Account

After following the steps above, the app will either confirm that your system is registered, or prompt you to do so. If you register, you may be asked to update your system as well.

Don’t see Add Music Services or Advanced Settings?
If you’re not seeing Add Music Services or Advanced Settings on your Sonos controller, it’s because your Sonos system needs an update or you’re using an iOS device that’s enrolled in a current Sonos Public Beta program. You can update your Sonos system by clicking the “Update Now” prompt at the top of the Sonos music menu.If you are on an iOS device and on the Sonos Public Beta program, you will need to use another controller that is not running iOS to complete this, or you will need to leave the public beta program to complete this step.

Check what services are supported on Sonos in your country

Some music services are only available in select countries. You can browse which music services are available in your country by going to sonos.com/streaming-music.

Check which country your system is registered to

If your system is already registered, make sure the correct country is selected by performing the following steps:

– Sign into sonos.com/myaccount using the email address and password that you used to register your Sonos system.

– In the “Profile” tab, ensure the correct country appears under the section “Address Information”.

– If the country listed is incorrect, scroll to the bottom and click the “Edit Profile” button to make edits.

– If you edit the location that your system is registered to, you may have to wait up to 15 minutes for the list of available music services in the Sonos app to update.