No sound from the Sonos Playbar or Playbase

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If you’ve reached this article because you’re not getting any audio out of your Playbar, Playbase, or Beam, please check the following quick steps before proceeding with the rest of the article:

– Ensure the Sonos home theater speaker has already been setup. It will not produce sound until you’ve gone through the setup process using the Sonos app.

– Check our TV compatibility list to see if your TV has any known issues with the Sonos home theater speaker.

– Make sure you’ve set your TV to output sound through its optical port instead of the internal speakers. You can typically find this in the audio settings menu of the TV, typically listed as “External Speakers.”

– Check that the dust cap has been removed from the optical cable and that the cable is producing a red light from the end that plugs into the Sonos home theater speaker. Try another optical cable if you do not see a red light.

Once you’ve checked the steps listed above, continue reading below for some other troubleshooting steps to try. Don’t forget, you can always reach out to us at any point if you want some additional help.

No audio when watching Blu-ray discs

DTS is a surround audio format commonly found on Blu-ray discs that is not supported by Sonos home theater speakers. With the below settings, the following devices are able to transcode DTS to Dolby Digital or stereo, which the Playbar and Playbase have full support for.

Configuring your Xbox One

– Access “Settings” by navigating left on the Home screen to open the guide.

– Select “All settings.”

– Select “Display & Sound” and “Audio output.”

– Set “HDMI audio” to “Bitstream out.”

– Set the “Bitstream format” to “Dolby Digital.”

Configuring your PlayStation 4

– Access “Settings” by scrolling to the top right with your PS4 remote.

– Select “Sound and Screen.”

– Select “Audio Output Settings.”

– Select “Primary Output Port.”

– Select “HDMI Out.”

– Set the “Audio Format (Priority)” to “Bitstream (Dolby).”

Please note: Some newer Blu-ray players are often able to transcode DTS to Dolby Digital or stereo as well. Consult the Blu-ray player product manual for specific instructions and settings.

No audio when watching Netflix or Vudu

Some Netflix and Vudu content is streamed in Dolby Digital Plus, which is not supported by Sonos home theater speakers. To resolve this, open the audio settings for Netflix or Vudu, and change the audio format to Stereo instead of Dolby Digital Plus.