Playing music from an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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You can play music and podcasts stored on your iOS device that’s on the same network as your Sonos components. Playback is perfectly synchronized, in any or every room of your home. Simply choose This iPhone/iPad/iPod touch from the Sonos music menu to make audio selections and then you can use any Sonos controller to control playback.

What do I need to start playing music from my iOS device to Sonos?
You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or higher with DRM-free music in MP3 or AAC format stored on the device itself. The device will need to be connected to your home WiFi network.

How can I check if I have music stored on my iOS device?
You can check the number of songs stored on your iOS device by connecting your phone or tablet to your computer and opening up iTunes. Click on “Music” in iTunes under the device you’ve plugged in to see the number of songs stored on your device.

How do I play my music?
Open the Sonos app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap “This iPhone/iPad/iPod touch” from the Sonos music menu. Tap a selection to browse through the menus and select your music. Your selection will play in the room or group that is showing at the top of your display.

Make sure to select “OK” when prompted to allow Sonos access to your music library.

I use iTunes Match, will all my music in the cloud be playable on Sonos?
No. iOS streaming is capable of playing music stored on the device only. The music you have available in the cloud through iTunes Match should first be downloaded onto the device. To download a song or album, tap the iCloud download icon in the Music App on your device.

Some songs that show in the Music App aren’t available in Sonos. Why is that?
Streaming from an iOS device to Sonos requires music to be in AAC or MP3 format and that the music is DRM-free. Songs that are protected by DRM, or are in AIFF format will not appear as valid selections in the Sonos App.

Podcasts will not show up or play from your iOS device to Sonos unless you have songs on your iOS device as well.

The iOS device you are playing music from needs to be powered on and connected to your WiFi network. If you receive an error relating to a track that is stored on your iOS device, ensure that device that contains the music file is powered on and connected to your home WiFi network. If the device is no longer available, clear out its tracks from the queue to prevent the prompt from displaying.

No selections are available
Make sure Sonos is allowed access to your music library under Settings > Privacy > Media Library. If Sonos is allowed access, check to make sure you have DRM-free MP3 or AAC music on your device.