Removing WiFI network information from Sonos

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When Sonos is operating in a Standard Setup it connects directly to your router’s Wi-Fi network by storing the network name and the Wi-Fi password. If you’ve switched your system to a BOOST Setup, it helps to clear out the Wi-Fi information so that there are no conflicts. Follow the instructions below to remove the Wi-Fi credentials from your Sonos system.

Make sure your Sonos system is operating in a BOOST Setup by having one of your Sonos products wired to your router.

On your Sonos controller, follow the steps below to initiate Wireless Setup:

– On iOS or Android: From the More tab, select Settings > Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup

– Mac: Sonos > Preferences > Advanced > Wireless Setup

– PC: Manage > Settings > Advanced > Wireless Setup

– Click Next and select RESET on the following screen to remove the wireless credentials from your Sonos system.

Note: You may need to minimize your mobile device keyboard in order to see the RESET button on iOS and Android