Setting up Connect:Amp as surround speakers

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This article covers how to set up and configure Connect:Amp to power the surround speakers for your Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.

General guidelines:

– Your Sonos system must be in a BOOST Setup. For information on how to check which setup your system is in, as well as how to switch between the two, please see the following article: Switching your system between a Standard and BOOST Setup.

– Ensure that your Connect:Amp has been added to your existing system, and updated to the latest software before continuing.

– The Subwoofer output and Line-In connections are disabled when using the Connect:Amp in this configuration.

– The Sonos ZP100 and Connect cannot be used to power surround speakers.

Setting up:

– Wire both the Sonos home theater speaker and Connect:Amp to either your router, a single network switch, or to each other, using an Ethernet cable.

– Attach desired speakers to the Connect:Amp. Power rating should be at least 75W for 8 ohm speakers and at least 150W for 4 ohm speakers.

– Position the speaker connected to the Left terminal on the Connect:Amp as the left surround speaker in your surround sound setup.

– Position the speaker connected to the Right terminal on the Connect:Amp as the right surround speaker in your surround sound setup.

– Locate the IP address for your Playbar, Playbase, or Beam – not the Connect:Amp.
On Mac: Sonos > About My Sonos System

On PC: Help > About My Sonos System

On iOS or Android: Sonos music menu > Settings > About My Sonos System

Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device, (e.g., Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer).

In the address bar, type in the following URL, replacing ####### with the IP address of your Sonos home theater speaker: http://######:1400/wiredsat.htm (e.g., Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Connect:Amp surround setup.