Sonos Playbar, Playbase, or Beam not recognizing TV remote

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When setting up a Sonos home theater speaker with an optical connection, the Sonos app will walk you through configuring your TV remote to control the speaker’s volume. If you receive an error during the configuration, follow the steps listed below and try the remote setup again after each step.

Please note: The Playbar and Playbase only support IR remotes and will not work with Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, or RF-only remotes. The Beam supports these remotes when connected to the TV with HDMI-ARC, but not when connected with an optical cable.

Too far from the Playbar, Playbase, or Beam

Typical IR range is around 15-20 feet, but can vary greatly depending on your environment. Move closer to the Sonos home theater speaker and try configuring your remote again.

Something blocking the IR sensor

Make sure you have a clear line of sight to the home theater speaker’s IR receiver and point the remote at the appropriate IR window. Confirm that nothing is covering or blocking the IR sensor window and that your remote has a clear line of sight from your normal TV watching position.

The Sonos Beam has an IR sensor below the Sonos logo on the front.

If none of the steps above help complete the remote setup, Please contact us for further assistance.

Plasma TV

Some plasma TVs may interfere with the IR signal being sent from the TV remote to the home theater speaker. Try turning off your TV temporarily to see if that resolves the issue you are having. If you’re able to complete the remote setup with your TV off, separate the TV and the Playbar, Playbase, or Beam as much as possible, and contact us.

Too much light

Direct sunlight, or other strong sources of light such as fluorescent lights, can interfere with the IR signal being sent from the remote to the home theater speaker. Eliminate any direct sources of light and attempt setting up the remote again.

Weak batteries in your remote

Try a fresh pair of batteries in your TV remote. If the batteries are weak the IR signal may not be strong enough for the home theater speaker to recognize its commands.

IR interference from other devices

Turn off any other IR device you may be using, such as a remote control toy or IR extenders. Test to see if the remote works with these devices turned off.