SUB placement adjustment (phase) option

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In order to understand this option, you will need to understand what “phase” means. All audio signals are sine waves that bounce off of objects in their surrounding until they reach your ear. Phase cancellation is an event when two audio signals line up, or are close enough in opposite relation to each other that they can cancel each other out. It’s much like a math equation… an equal positive and negative equals zero. If phase cancellation is occurring in the room you are playing your Sonos speakers, you may not notice it. However, if you test out flipping the phase and notice an increase in volume and decrease in sub “boomie-ness” and the sound becomes more focused, it’s better that you invert the signal so that you reduce the cancellation.

The Sub Placement Adjustment is a phase shift. Basically it means it electronically swaps the + and – connections on the Sub input so the speaker phase is flipped (i.e., the speaker moves out when it used to move in and vice versa). This can eliminate standing waves (null spots) where the sound wave reflections interact and the combination of the trough of one sine wave passing through the crest of another causes nullification or “dead” zones.

How to enable:

– When setting up your Sub in the categories option, tick the box for SUB placement adjustment