Supported Audio formats

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This article describes the various audio formats Sonos supports when streaming from your local music library, mobile device, or internet radio stations.

Local music library formats:

The table below lists the audio formats, compression, and bitrate Sonos supports, and which formats support metadata. Sonos has support for mono (1-channel) or stereo (2-channel) media files.

Recommended audio formats:

For the best audio quality and performance, we recommend ripping your music using a lossless codec such as Apple Lossless or FLAC. Both of these formats are compressed lossless formats, meaning they save space, while retaining all of the data from the source. Apple Lossless and FLAC give you the best fidelity, and due to the compression, save storage space compared to other formats like WAV or AIFF. WAV and AIFF have limited metadata support, meaning you cannot embed album art or tag album information through traditional methods.

Supported audio sample rates:

– 16000 Hz

– 22050 Hz

– 24000 Hz

– 32000 Hz

– 44100 Hz

– 48000 Hz

Sonos supports audio files up to 16 bit.

Streaming audio support:

Streaming music stored on an iOS device:

Sonos supports streaming the following audio formats from an iOS device:

– AAC (DRM Free)

– MP3

Sonos does not support 48 kHz AAC audio files for streaming from an iOS device. 48 kHz MP3 files are supported, as well as 44.1 kHz AAC.

Streaming music stored on an Android: 

Sonos supports streaming the following audio formats from an Android device:



– M4A

– MP3

– MP4



Streaming Internet radio:

Supported Internet radio audio formats:

– MP3