Tips for correctly aligning Nest Detect’s open-close magnet

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When mounting Nest Detect on a door or window, the Nest app will help you line up the open-close magnet with the bottom of Nest Detect, which is the end with the Nest logo and light ring.

When you’re using the Nest app to set up Nest Detect, its light ring will illuminate when the open-close magnet is close enough. However, you still need to make sure both pieces are aligned properly (see illustration).

Here are some other tips to make sure the open-close magnet is lined up correctly:

Important: During installation, you may notice that the open-close magnet is magnetically attracted to the top of Nest Detect. But remember, the open-close magnet needs to align with the bottom of Nest Detect.

Don’t block the sensor: If you’re installing the open/close magnet on a thick door frame, make sure it doesn’t block the Nest logo on the Detect (where the sensor is). If you do, Detect could have trouble properly detecting motion.