Troubleshoot Nest Connect

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Nest Connect offline

You might see:

– Other products that use your Connect are Offline in the Nest app

Troubleshooting when your Nest Connect is offline:

Problems adding to the Nest app

You might see:

– You can’t add your Nest Connect to the Nest app

Make sure your Connect isn’t already added:

–  Tap the Settings icon  on the Nest app home screen.

– Scroll down and see if you have Nest Connect already in your account.

If your Nest Connect isn’t already in your account, try some of the steps below.


– Try restarting your phone before adding your connect again.

– Make sure your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network that you are trying to add your Nest Connect to.

– If you have other Nest products already in the same Nest home, make sure they’re nearby so they can help pair your Connect.

– Try pairing Nest Connect while it’s closer to your Wi-Fi router.

– If you use Wi-Fi extenders, try disabling them to pair your Connect.