Troubleshooting issues with Nest Detect

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Press Detect’s button to have it light up and indicate if it’s experiencing any issues. You can also check Detect’s status in the Nest app.

In general, the Nest app is the first place to check for any issues. It will display a message if any of your Detects need your attention. But you can also press Detect’s button to get a visual indication of any issues.

How to check Detect’s status with the Nest app:

When Detect needs your attention, it can proactively let you know in the Nest app.

– Open the Nest app on your phone or tablet, or visit on a computer.

– Select Security  .

You’ll see a list showing the status of each Detect in your home.

If anything needs your attention, a message will appear in the Nest app. For more information about a particular message, see the following article:

How to check status by pressing Detect’s button:

If you want to check Detect without using the Nest app, you can press Detect’s button for a basic status check.

– Set your system to Off  or Home and Guarding .Note: An alarm will trigger if you try to test Detect while your system is set to Away and Guarding .

– Press Detect’s button.

– The light ring will glow or pulse to indicate what’s going on.

Light colors and patterns, and what they mean:
Detect’s Light ring What it means and what to do

1 Blue pulse

Detect is working properly.

If you’ve enabled Quiet Open, you can open the door or window within 10 seconds while keeping the rest of your system armed.

5 Yellow pulses

There’s a problem with Detect. Check the Nest app to learn exactly what’s going on. It could mean a few things:

– The battery has less than 30 days left.

– You need to check your Detect’s setup.

– There’s an issue with Detect’s hardware.

Multiple Blue pulses

Detect hasn’t been set up or added to your account in the app yet. To get started, see the following article.

Red blinking

Detect’s battery is critically low. Replace it soon.

No light

If you press Detect’s button and nothing happens, it means Detect’s battery is completely drained or is missing. It won’t function at all until you install a new battery.

White light

Pathlight is on.