Use the Nest Hello with Google Home Hub

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With Nest Hello and Google Home Hub, your Google Assistant can announce when someone’s at your door. You can also stream your video doorbell on your Google Home Hub smart display.

This feature is only available in the US, UK, and Canada.

What you need

– Nest Hello

– The Nest app

– Google Home Hub

– The Google Home app

Hear when someone’s at your door

Your Google Assistant will tell you when someone rings your doorbell.

Set up your doorbell

If you haven’t done so already, install your Nest Hello and set up the device in the Nest app.

Enable Personal results and Home screen & notifications

– Open the Google Home app 

– On the Home screen, tap Settings.

– Scroll down to Google Assistant Services, then tap More SettingsAssistant.

– Scroll down to the list of Assistant devices, then tap your Google Home Hub’s icon.

– Enable Personal results and Home & screen notifications.

Connect your doorbell to Google Home Hub

– On the Home screen of the Google Home apptap Add Set up new device.

– In the Set up menu, tap Have something already set up?

– Scroll down the list of Works with Google partners and tap Nest.

– Log in to your Nest account and follow the steps on your mobile device to begin pairing.

– Read over the terms, then tap ALLOW to enable Google Assistant to link with your Nest account.

– When the pairing is complete, tap Done.

Note: If you’ve already linked Nest, you may have to say “Hey Google, sync my devices” to see your doorbell(s).

Using your voice

To do this…

Say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google,” then…

Sync all devices

“Sync my devices”
Sync a device type

“Sync my doorbells”


– You must have already set up your devices in the Nest app (Step 1 above).

– If you’re syncing multiple devices at once, you may receive a timeout error.

Stream your video doorbell camera to your Google Home Hub

Complete steps 1-3 above

Use voice commands to stream your video doorbell to your Google Home Hub

To do this:

Say “Ok Google” or Hey Google,” then…

Start stream
  • “What’s on <doorbell name>?”
  • “Show the <doorbell name>?”
  • “Show the <doorbell name> on <Smart display name>?”

Stop stream


Using the Google Home app

Change a doorbell’s nickname

– Open the Google Home app.

– On the Home screen, tap your doorbell’s iconDevice Settings.

– In Device Settings, tap Name.

– In the Google Home Hub name menu, type in a new nicknameSave.

Change a doorbell’s room

– Open the Google Home app.

– On the Home screen, tap your doorbell’s iconDevice Settings.

– In Device Settings, tap Room.

Now you can either:

– Select a room to move the device into, then tap Save.

– Create a room that’s not listed: Scroll down, then tap Add custom room type in a room nameSave.

Set up Nest Hello and Visitor Announcements

Turn off Visitor Announcements

You can turn off Assistant notifications from the Google Home app or the Nest app.