What happens when Nest Secure’s alarm sounds

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During a security alarm, Nest Guard will sound its 85 dB siren for 10 minutes and make periodic announcements about what triggered the alarm and where. You can also get a notification on your phone so you’ll know what’s happening even if you’re not home.

In general, Nest Guard will give you a friendly Heads Up before the alarm sounds, so you’ll have some time to disarm your system if you’re just coming home.

Things that can trigger Nest Secure’s alarm:

If you don’t disarm your system in time, or if something triggers an immediate alarm, here’s what happens when the security alarm is sounding.

What to expect during an alarm

If you’re near Nest Guard when the alarm is sounding, here’s what you’ll see and hear:

– Nest Guard’s light ring will flash red.

– The siren will sound. It will be loud – about 85 decibels.

– Nest Guard will say what triggered the alarm and where. For example, “The window was opened in the master bedroom.”

– The sequence above repeats for 10 minutes or until you disarm your system.

– After 10 minutes, the alarm will stop and Nest Secure will continue monitoring your home at the same security level as before with one key difference: any new activity will trigger an immediate alarm. You won’t get a Heads-Up first. To start getting Heads-Ups again, disarm your system and re-arm it again.

In the Nest app on your phone or tablet:

During an alarm, you and everyone you’ve invited to share access to your home with Family Accounts can get a notification.

Tap the notification to go directly to a screen in the Nest app where you can see more information and take action:

Disarm: Tap this button to silence the alarm and disarm Nest Secure. Your system will stay disarmed until you arm it again.

Contact: Call your emergency contact.

What to do: Tap this button to see some additional information.

If you have a Nest Cam or Dropcam in the same room, the Security Alarm screen will also display live video from your camera.